Cookery Help Guide


Recipe collections can be managed from two locations and in different ways - the Collections link in the recipe header or the Collections option from the Publish dropdown.

Manage Collections for the Current Recipe

If you navigate to the Collections link in the recipe header, you will see a table displaying the collections the current recipe exists within.

To add this recipe to another collection, click the "Add Recipe Collection" button. The icons in the Actions column allow you to:

  • Related recipes: show other recipes that are in that collection
  • Edit: change collection details
  • Delete: this does not delete the collection, but rather removes the current recipe from that collection.

Manage Collections Individually

Alternatively, if you navigate to the Collections page from the Publish menu, you will see all the collections available. 

The icons in the Actions column serve a different purpose:

  • Media: assign media to the collection 
  • Related recipes: shows which recipes are in that collection; allows you to remove and reorder recipes 
  • Refresh: refresh the contents of the collection
  • Edit: change collection details 
  • Delete: removes the collection